BA Animation & Visual Effects project by Cameron Murphy-Lennox showing an original lamp concept with exposed steam-engine elements typical of the Steampunk aesthetic. Branding work by Harry Lewis, showing loud visuals and colours to showcase the brand Silent Snacks as being ‘Silent in sound, Loud in flavour’. Dark wall with light text faintly imprinted on wall. Says “polluting day and night, A harmful blight, Tiny Particles, Hiding in plain sight.” BA Interior Design work by Sam Putnam, a room presenting the Thonet chair, integrating the exhibition display as part of Paul Smith’s clothing store. BA Photography work by Ria Popat showing an elegant yet simplistic fabric beneath an ornate lotus. View work by Vimbai Matemba Production Design work by Lucy Prouten showing a 1920's inspired Parisian apartment / art studio. BA Interior Design work by Desmond Lau showing a collage of the concept View work by Bethany Wendy Matthews Digital work by Tianna Paul showing a female knight with a sword, with a dragon and bear. A grunge style book cover, accompanied by some concert wristbands and polaroids. BA graphic design work. Maldon sea salt rebrand by Millie Lumley. Image features a small blue box with 3 triangles representing with the salt shape and the boat sails from the town of Maldon. BA Graphic Communication work by Jade Oade depicting an image of festival wayfinding sign transitioning from day to night. Sign gives directions to the toilets, campsite and star viewing point. Illustration of ballerinas by Yasmin Eliz. Mixed media work by Rozanna Lynch showing how the project is inhabited. BA Animation work by Lily Muir showing a 2D cat laying on an operation table. BA Interior Design work by April Palfrey showing the seating and bedroom area of the compact housing unit PREFAB mirrors the efficient modular design of iconic post-war homes, with clean lines and geometric precision reminiscent of mid-century architecture, embodying the functional aesthetic of a significant era in British history. Book Design cover by Chloe Mortimer of a YA fantasy, Ruthless Vows. Created using paper cut and digital methods. Magazine cover by Lizzy Quarterman depicting a dog wearing a yellow raincoat and holding a blue umbrella, walking through a park filled with colourful flowers. View work by Morgan Maryann BA Illustration work by Leah Powell showing three digital frogs in primary colours, stacked on top of each other. Exploded axonometric diagram by a BA Interior Design student , Ugne Kivytaite showing Carrow House's layout with sustainable features and a unique ceiling inspired by River Birch. BA Graphic Communications work by Phoebe Millar showcasing nature inspired advertising posters for a podcast app about Wiltshire’s heritage sites. Miniature sculpture made of MDF, depicting a dog riding a bicycle through flowers. Fashion Design by Sophia Loren Maizano Screenshot from a 3D animated short film by Mateusz Predota showing a character looking inside a cupboard. Packshot for red river bottle cover and label. BA Graphic Communication work by Simon Mendoza showing three posters with different characters and the date of the in the background. BA Design for Publishing work by Alicia LaRosa showing a jacket covered in sewn patches View work by Duncan Mackay A full bleed illustration by Jodie Paterson showing a medieval styled stag fighting a dragon. A vintage AD style artwork depicting the Lady of the Lake from the legend of King Arthur. BA Textiles Design knitwear collection for fashion by Francesca Malone showing structural and tactile knit designs. Inspired by the female form. Concept art showcasing a oddly clothed lady turning a mysetious enmey into swiss cheese,as a creepy cat looms behind the corner Three story board images of a site specific “Air BnB” immersive heritage experience. “Rock the crib then rock the bed” a poster that features a hand leaning on a bed with a baby monitor on the bedside table. 'Model Elevation on Southwold's Panoramic Landscape by Melissa Villanueva Montallana showing a digital concept BA Video Games Art and Design work by Joel Maston-Shea showing a turnaround model sheet displaying the default form of a conceptualised race called the Quartine. A Ditptych oil painting depicting an array of abstract shapes and organic forms. Focusing on bringing people together in celebration through colour and music. BA interior design, Jessica parry This visual represents a perspective section showcasing an in depth look into my final design idea. 'Strike Right' Tinder X Swan Vestas Matchbox photo by Aleena Mehmi Visuals by Abigail Newton showing a Swarovski Retail Experience. Graphic Design Branding for a green initiative campaign by Dan Krage Photograph by Lara Mulliner showing a soft lit beauty shot of a female model. Stop motion puppets by Freya Oakes showcasing a humanoid character constructed of soft tactile materials and a sentient television constructed from foam, chalk and paint creating a cracked pottery aesthetic. BA Games Art and Design work by Samuel Moye showing a 3D fantasy dungeon entrance scene. Having a knitted fidget toy attach to your body helps bring stress relief, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment. It provides a meditative and calming experience, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. @denisailie BA Graphic Design work by Dee McGilvray showing a black and white wine bottle with braille acting as music notes. An ad campaign image of a vodka bottle with exotic-looking Chinese tea cups as shot glasses for a promotional offer for Chinese New Year. Illustration created by Alexander Lock showing a colourful illustration. Fashion Design Work by Portia Levitt, showing marine illustrations upon light blue garments. A sectional visual for a futuristic project that invites the idea of a positive outlook on parasitic architecture through the growth of bubble-like shapes on old rigid and brutalist buildings BA Illustration work by Sunny Petch - Digital page spread featuring a scene from ‘Carol’ by Patricia Highsmith. BA Textile Design work by Grace Lawrence showing a model wearing knitted hiking clothes. The knits feature stripes, ruffles, and lace in greens, pinks, grey, and neon yellow. Animated GIF by Naomi Lampe showing a colourful city representing the electrical system.
“Norwich still produce the most exceptional graduates”
Jim Sutherland
Studio Sutherland, and Norwich Alumni
Photograph by Holly Louise showing Big Ben in London. A set design by Anja Nelson. A warm and inviting bedroom Photography by Lavrentios Michailidis Cinematography Showreel by Lauren Newman showing a series of drama shorts. Illustrated character design by Ian Pettersen depicting a hulking female militant operator with robotic legs, brandishing a hatchet.